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Getting Started - MultiPlayer

Introduction | Installing | General Rules | 8 Ball | 9 Ball |14-1 | Game Controls | Multiplayer Play | Rankings/ELO System
Multiplayer play is the part of IPool which at all time will be most prioritized and most developed. We have many different online features to offer all ranging from the simplest chat features to high profile tournaments and player/team leagues

1 Internet menu box
The right hand image is the internet drop-down menu box. In here you maintain and control your online gaming. User details and access to the lobby are all found here.
1.1 Details
The details is where you enter your username and password in order to join the internet lobby. If you have registered the game and have set up account username and password then you fill these in order to enter the lobby. If you have not registered the game then you must sign in as a guest and can then leave the details as they are.
1.2 Advanced settings
The advanced settings does usually not require any changing. This section will be further explained later.
Internet game lobby section
1.3 Internet lobby
This is where you go to log onto our internet lobby, in here you can meet people from all over the world and play exiting games, tournaments and participate in leagues.
1.4 Game lobby general
The game lobby is where all the online players meet to play games. It consists of 3 main parts. The table display, the player display and the chat display. Here follows an explanation to how they work and how to operate them.
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1.5 Table display
The table display is located on the left side of the lobby game room main screen. Each table holds a few different options and settings.
1.6 Host
The host is the person who sets up the game table for others to join. The host holds all the game tools and can invite or boot anyone he does not want in the game. The setup screen holds all the various options, should these be confusing then you can contact support and we will be happy to explain each of them for you.
1.7 Join
The join button is available in any public table that has been setup by a host. Only one person can join the game, the remaining have to join as spectators by clicking watch. The joining player has got a different set of options than the host later explained in this section. You can not join protected tables unless invited, however you can watch protected tables.
1.8 Watch
The watcher watches a match currently being played. This is not possible in private tables unless you are invited by the host to do so.
1.9 PLayer display
The player display shows all the various players that are online playing iPool at anytime. This section is used to find your opponent and check all their different stats and history
2.0 Player name
The player names are located in the left column of the player display. All players including yourself are listed.
2.1 Rating
The rating is showed in the middle column. The ranking that is showed here will be the standard rating based upon games won/lost in standard game play. Tournament rank which is used to make the provisional rating is accessible by clicking players name and accessing their stats.
2.2 Table listing
The table listing is in the right column and applies for all players regardless of the table being private, public or protected. Those players who have not got a table/watch icon listed are currently in the lobby chat room.

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