Fansite Tournaments

Next - TBA.

Interviews will be going live soon. Anyone interested in being interviewed for the fansite, please contact Hold_On, or jUstcAllmEdoC or BillyRadd on the game or via email to the fansite using the contact link above. Please also feel free to put any members / mods / admins names forward that you would like to see interviewed.

Welcome pot_shot & BillyRadd

  The iPool Fansite would like to welcome pot_shot and BillyRadd to the team. BillyRadd will be dealing with player interviews, and pot_shot will be judging game shots.

Game Shots Competition

Send us your best game shot to be in with a chance to win a 1 month iPool code..
News & New..
The Lounge:
New LOUNGE content. Watch the ride of a lifetime. This is what happens when you combine a quad bike and a huge piece of elastic. Oh and a small person.!!!

Are going live soon. We are hoping to get them started within the next few weeks. Get those probing questions ready that you have always wanted to ask.

Player Input:
We are always looking for new ideas for the fansite pages. If you have anything to offer, or anything you would like to see feel free to drop us an email.

Game Shot Judging:
John aka pot_shot is the official judge for this event. He picks 2 other judges for each competition at random and all decide on the winners. Anybody judging is not allowed to enter the competition that time around.

Link Exchange
We are always happy to take part in link exchanges.
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