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iPool Tournament F.A.Q.
Tournament - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I enter a tournament?:
A. - Entering tournaments is easy. To do so, refer to the "view latest tournament information" which is located on the Tournaments main page. Here you select either Tournament Lobby Events or Elite Lobby Events depending on which type of tournament you wish to enter. Once you're at the "Events" page you will see all current and upcoming tournament events at the top of the page and all completed tournament events below. Select an event that you wish to enter and click on the "ENTER" button at the right. This will take you to a page were you can enter your iPool "Username" and "Password" and then click the "Enter Tournament" tournament button, to the right, to enter the tournament event. You are now entered in the event you have chosen. You will then have to proceed to the correct lobby hosting the event at the correct time in order to participate.
- You can also enter tournaments by using the "TOURNAMENTS" button at the top of the main window in the iPool program and following the same steps as above.

Q. How do I start playing once I've entered the tournament?:
A. - To play, you must be in the correct tournament lobby at the correct time. You will then get an automatic invite from the tournament bot when it's your turn to play.

Q. How can I find out who I will be playing?:
A. - Once the tournament event starts a "Standings" button will appear on the same "Tournaments Lobby Events" page where you entered. Click that standings button to show a tourney bracket that will display all of the entrants and their respective opponents. Refresh that page for live information of the progress of the tournament. You may also request the link to the "Standings Page" in the main tournament lobby.
- A moderator or player quite often will post a "Standings link", in the chat window, that you can click directly on opening a browser window that will display the tournament standings.

Q. How are the game results reported?:
A. - All scores are handled by the tournament bot and runs totally automatic.

Q. What happens if my opponent doesn't show up?:
A. - In the event that your opponent doesn't show up you will be handed a bye. A bye is handed out if the player is not present after 5 minutes following the start of the tournament.

Q. What happens if my opponent leaves midframe?:
A. - In any tournament game we wait a minimum of 5 minutes before forfeiting the game. 3 disconnections in 1 frame will loose you that frame.

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