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Getting Started - Installing

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Step 1
After activating the iPool download this screen will apear click "next" to proceed.
Step 2
If you agree to the Terms of Service for iPool click 'next' to proceed.
Step 3
The installer will gather some system information and give details on minimum requirements. Check the information and click 'next' to proceed.
Step 4
Here you can specify the directory you wish to install iPool. If you have no preference to where the game is installed then simply leave it unaltered. Click 'next'.
Step 5
To install a different directory, either type in a new path or click 'browse' to choose a different destination directory.Once you are happy with the destination click 'next' to install iPool.
Step 6
The game is now installed, click 'next' to come to final screen where you can end the installation and start playing the game.
Step 7
This screen gives you options of how you would like to end the installation. Once you are satisfied click 'finish'. iPool is now ready to play.
Set Up
The first time you run iPool you must choose to run the game in either High Quality or Low Quality. With Low Quality selected, the game runs without textures so this may solve some compatibility issues for people with older graphic cards. Run iPool Setup to get the Graphics Quality window again. Once you have chosen the graphics quality you can begin playing in practice or online with others.

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