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Getting Started - Controls

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IPool is mainly controlled by using the mouse, the keyboard is also used for different on-line features.
Moving the cue ball
To move the cue ball simply drag it to your desired location using the right mouse button. On the practice table you can move it anywhere on the table, whilst in an on-line game you are restricted by the applicable rules for the game in play. Alternatively you can simply right click the table to move the cue ball to that location.

Striking the cue ball
To line up a shot you need to left-click the cue ball first. Once this is done you will see a cue appear next to the cue ball and a % sign will be located next to the cue. The % indicates power of shot. Once you have clicked on the cue ball you can line up your shot. When the white line that extends from the cue ball hits an object ball you will see this object ball generate a line of trajectory. This is where the object ball will travel if hit by the cue ball. Once you have decided on your shot then click the left-mouse button again to lock that shot in that position. Then proceed to the "strike Cue-ball" box and apply desired spin. This will also release the shot.
Raising the butt of the cue
There will occur situations where you cannot strike the cue ball as you normally would like to. Cushions and other balls can obstruct part of the cue ball and you will therefore need to raise the butt of the cue in order to successfully strike the cue ball. This is done by using the slider bar which is located together with the strike cue ball box. Once you have raised the butt sufficiently you will be allowed to strike the cue ball.
Nominating ball & pocket on
Nominating balls or pockets will never be required when hitting them directly. However, situations will occur when you cannot hit your object ball or pocket directly. In such events you normally have to hit the object ball or pocket by going off one or more cushions, or even swerving past blocking balls. To nominate an object ball and/or pocket simply right click it. This will then make a highlighted border around the nominated ball and a arrow will point to the selected pocket. If you should try to do a shot without nominating it first then the game will halt you and prompt you to nominate ball on.

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