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Getting Started

Introduction | Installing | General Rules | 8 Ball | 9 Ball |14-1 | Game Controls | Multiplayer Play | Rankings/ELO System
The getting started section gives you the information needed to get started playing iPool. The game controls and multiplayer features are covered in this section. You should be able to find what you need to make the most of you gaming in this section. Rules for all games featured on iPool are present. They are all the official rules, and are complete so you can use them for the real game as well as for iPool.
The Team
The team behind iPool is Memir Games Ltd which consists of;

Administrators:Angel-Eyes, DiMeNsIoN, Hold_On, JANG, jUstcAllmEdOc, pot_shot, shimano, Stratician
Senior Moderators:WalkingDead

Memir Games Ltd currently have iSnooker active which we recommend you try out.
The Vision
The vision behind iPool is that anyone can pick this game up and instantly have the tool available to play at a very good level. You are presented with great cue action and your task is that of developing the position play to take advantage of it. iPool is a highly addictive game that features tournaments and leagues. This will make a great bit of fun for anyone at any age.
The Future
The future plans are to make iPool as good a game as possible continuing to provide quality tournaments & leagues as well as introducing new features when possible.

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